Flyer of Kuran Competion 2019

Mission Statement

KURAN COMPETITION is a Non-Profit Organization with over seven years of service to the National and International Community. This Organization has also promoted this competition in Guyana South America and have made plans to promote Kuran Competition 2020 in Gambia, West Africa, and Brooklyn, New York.

Our Primary Goal

Our Primary Goal is to motivate our youth into the spiritual aspect of their lives, where they can accomplish there heart felt desire, and motivate others in making the world a better place.

We are located at 120 Madison Street in Brooklyn, NY 11216 by the MASJID KHALIFAH. We have been functioning at this location from its inception. At KURAN Competition , we understand that Consistency is the key, because with Consistency lies dependability , and because of our consistency over the years , we have grown and continue to grow in the sphere parallel to none. KURAN Competition offers scholarships to Young people who show the inclination of learning and reciting Quran the correct way.

Meet the Team

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Bahir A. Wright

Founder & CEO

Born in GUYANA, worked as Civil Engineer in GUYANA, and migrated to New York in 1987. Begun in the construction industry for 7 years, and subsequently became an Educator working for the Board of Education of New York City for over 20 year. During all these years he promoted Kuran Competion

Imam Abdul Azeez

Vice President

Imam at Masjid KHALIFAH and Arabic Teacher at Clara Mohamed School



Master’s in Education and working right now at DIME PRODUCTIONS as a Graphic Designer

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