History of Kuran Competition

The KURAN COMPETITION began in 1977. The primary objective of the competition was and still is to encourage everyone to read , understand and practice AL-ISLAM. The participants during the early years were my three sons and seven daughters;they were some members of Masjid Khalifah and some other Masjids. Over the years, as things began to develop, many Masjids sent theirs members. We have had participants from immigrants and indigenous communities. The competition was advertised by letters to various Masjids . These Masjids made weekly announcements, and kept informing its members about the upcoming event and its importance with such emphasis being presented to the communities over the years, the Competition has grown by leaps and bounds. The last five years , the competition has had school buses , and Vans transporting participants. With the influx of various communities ; the prizes have now been moved to financial incentives ; for example the grand prize for over 5 years $1000.00 open category, plus trophies, AZAN clocks, medals and many more encouraging rewards .

Masjid Khalifa



I am Mohammad Talha Adil, I have observed the KURAN COMPETITION for over 10 years, the Quran Competition has caused many of our young people to develop an attitude of success and accomplishment . I would not hesitate in complimenting and promoting the organizers of the Quran Competition for any reference that is desired .


As a long time listener of Quran Competition, I have never heard one so organized and competitive. I have attended this competition for over 10 years and look forward to observe several more God willing

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Medina Baye Kaolack Senegal


For several years I have followed Quran Competitions , but I must admit that this Quran Competition has surpassed all expectations. Every Year the competition has gotten better and the last time with those foreign competitors , they really made our local talent bring out their best Congrats and best wishes to all, see you next time

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